Health Tips

Quotes from Gandhi's Health Guide

"The world is compounded of the five elements- earth, water, air, fire, and ether. So, too, is our body. It is a sort of miniature world. Hence, the body stands in need of all the elements in due proportion- pure earth, pure water, pure fire or sunlight, pure air, and open space. When any one of these falls short of its due proportion, illness is caused in the body."

"The Universe within reflects the Universe without."

"The question that demands our attention next is: What is the use of the human body?
Everything in the world can be used and abused. This applies to the body also. We abuse it when we use it for selfish purposes, for self-indulgence or in order to harm another. It is put to its right use if we exercise self-restraint and dedicate ourselves to the service of the whole world. The human soul is part of the Universal Spirit of God. When all our activity is directed towards the realization of this link, the body becomes a temple worthy for the spirit to live in."