Dirty Dozen

Clean Grocery Shopping

Have you heard of the "Dirty Dozen?" The Environmental Working Group recommends purchasing these foods in the organic section, as they contain the highest levels of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in conventional U.S. agriculture:

-Bell Peppers
-Kale/Collard Greens
-Imported Grapes

On the other hand, these "Clean Fifteen" are acceptable to buy non-organic if you are on a tight budget. They contain the lowest pesticide amount when tested by the EWG:

-Sweet Corn (although this is almost always GM)
-Sweet Peas
-Sweet Potato
-Honeydew Melon

If you can't find organic produce, be sure to reduce your toxic exposure by using a veggie peeler to remove skin from commercial apples, pears, & potatoes and use an acidic wash to remove harmful coating.

Natural Fruit & Veggie Wash
1. Fill large bowl with water
2. Add 1 cup of distilled vinegar & 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract
3. Let produce soak for 20 minutes, then scrub each piece thoroughly before rinsing.