Lifestyle & Wellness Consultations-

My goal as a consultant in our client/practitioner relationship is to serve you on a path of wellness by reducing the obstacles to health, nourishing foundational needs of body/mind/spirit, and optimising vitality through a balanced lifestyle. My focus is education regarding proper nutrition and daily practices that promote the body's innate process of self-healing. With this information, you can make more informed choices. It is understood that all clients are being seen and evaluated by a licensed healthcare provider, to which these visits are adjunctive care.

Clinical Offerings also include Professional Therapeutic Massage, Personalized Alignment Yoga, and Nutritional Classes & Workshops- perfect for onsite family, community, business, and educational events. It's an honour to work with you for optimal healing, stress-relief, balance, and energy. All consultations include in-depth research regarding health concerns and naturopathic options, as well as brief communication via phone or VSee when necessary. The cost of food and resources are not included in the consultation fees.

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FREE Quick Intro

15 Minutes
(By appointment only)

Initial Consultation

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and establish a client/practitioner relationship. As partners in health, we will discover your needs and expectations, as well as develop a plan to reach your goals. We will discuss your personal/family health history, relationship to food, and factors contributing to your vitality, energy, and cognition. You will be given several questionnaires and asked to complete a detailed diet diary.
90 Minutes

Acute/Follow-up Visit

Abbreviated consultation with a specific focus. At these consultations, we will discuss subjective and objective changes since our last session, review results, and fine-tune adjustments to diet, lifestyle, and nutrition.
60-90 Minutes

Homeopathic Intake

60 minutes

Ayurvedic Consultation

60 minutes

Telephone or Online (VSee) Consultation

Up to 60 minutes

*Note: These sessions are not to be considered medical treatment, and are intended to compliment your primary health care. Additional travel fees apply for away consultations.

Lifestyle & Wellness Consultations
Wellness Goals

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